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Video: Church recites 'The Sparkle Creed,' which proclaims belief in 'non-binary God whose pronouns are plural,' Jesus Christ who 'had two dads'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @WokePreacherTV

A Minneapolis church's livestream Sunday caught the moment when one of its pastors led the congregation in the recitation of "The Sparkle Creed," which proclaims belief in the "non-binary God whose pronouns are plural" and to Jesus Christ who "had two dads," among other things.

What are the details?

Anna Helgen, one of the pastors at Edina Community Lutheran Church, asked those in the sanctuary to "confess our faith today in the words of The Sparkle Creed," which is a radical variation of "The Apostles' Creed." Here's what was recited:

I believe in the non-binary God whose pronouns are plural. I believe in Jesus Christ, their child, who wore a fabulous tunic and had two dads and saw everyone as a sibling child of God. I believe in the rainbow spirit, who shatters our image of one white light and refracts it into a rainbow of gorgeous diversity. I believe in the church of everyday saints, as numerous, creative, and resilient as patches on the AIDS quilt, whose feet are grounded in mud and whose eyes gaze at the stars in Wonder. I believe in the calling to each of us that love is love is love, so beloved, let us love. I believe, glorious God. Help my unbelief. Amen.

"The Sparkle Creed" appears to be the creation of Rev. Rachel Small Stokes. The following 2021 Facebook post highlights it:

What else?

After "The Sparkle Creed," Helgen led a congregational prayer to the God of “expansive and inclusive love” for "the summer solstice" and for "honey bee populations experiencing extreme loss," as well as “climate justice,” Pride events, and “all LGBTQIA+ leaders."

Helgen also referenced pop superstar Taylor Swift during the congregational prayer, asking that the Almighty would help those in the sanctuary “shake it off” when life is hard.

The church's website notes the following (links and bold text included):

Edina Community Lutheran Church (ECLC) is a progressive Lutheran congregation that has been striving for over 70 years to live out Jesus’ radical message of love and to make a difference in our world. We welcome all people without exception, and reach out to our community with serving hands and voices raised for justice.

ECLC has long been sought out for our meaningful worship, inclusive welcome and challenging opportunities for learning and mission - a leader in shaping conversations of justice. We are called to extend that welcome further by making room for those who are not yet here.

ECLC is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and has been a Reconciling in Christ(LGBTQIA+ inclusive) congregation since 1985.

We are delighted that people from all over the Twin Cities metro area are a part of our congregation. Founded in 1948, Edina Community Lutheran Church (ECLC) is a growing, medium-sized congregation located in Edina, just across the Minneapolis line. We are an open, energetic and inclusive congregation with an historical emphasis on social justice. We are currently on a long term journey to become an anti-racist congregation. See our JUSTICE PAGE for more information.

The church's home page adds:

We acknowledge that Edina Community Lutheran Church is located on the traditional, ancestral and contemporary lands of the Dakhóta Oyáte*, the Dakota nation. Treaties developed through exploitation and violence were broken. Tribes were forced to exist on ever smaller amounts of land.

Acknowledging this painful history, we as a congregation confess our complicity in the theft of Native land and acknowledge that we have not yet honored our treaties. We further confess that Christians and Christian churches have benefited from this land theft. We commit to being active advocates for justice for Native People and to truth telling that leads to healing.

The Daily Caller News Foundation said Helgen didn't immediately respond to its request for comment.

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