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VIDEO: Cops break up outdoor prayer meeting for violating NYC mayor's social distancing executive orders


'Those who do not follow this order are subject to arrest'

Image source: Twitter/TheBelaaz video screenshot

New York City has a ban on crowds of 50 people or more, but that didn't stop a large group of Jewish faithful from coming together for prayer.

Then the authorities were called — and the people were sent packing, the New York Post reported.

What happened?

According to the Post, a large Jewish prayer group gathered outside the Chabad Lubavitch headquarters in Brooklyn late Wednesday. The facility closed Tuesday night for the first time ever, the paper said, citing the Times of Israel.

But the closure wasn't going to stop dozens of faithful Jewish men from gathering outside the site to pray.

Not long after they had gathered, officers from the Sheriff's Office arrived to break them up.

A video tweeted by Jewish media outlet Belaaz shows several Sheriff's Office vehicles outside the headquarters and the Jewish attendees leaving their gathering.

An officer can be heard over a loudspeaker saying: "Attention! Attention! Under the authority of the mayor's executive order No. 99 and No. 100, you must disperse, you must disperse. Those who do not follow this order are subject to arrest. Please disperse. Thank you."

What executive orders?

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio issued executive orders No. 99 and No. 100 on March 15 and 16, respectively. The orders limit crowd size and give law enforcement the power to break up large gatherings.

Both orders are in effect for up to five days.

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