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VIDEO: Enraged leftists try — and fail — to shut down hilarious free speech of Dave Chappelle supporter at Netflix walkout

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

When radical left-wing Netflix employees want to shut down the free speech of comedian Dave Chappelle over " transphobic comments" in his latest comedy special, what do you suppose those same leftist Netflix employees might do to a regular guy who shows up at their lions' den — er, staged walkout — to defend Chappelle?

You guessed it: The militants tried to intimidate the guy and shut down his free speech, too.

And they failed.

What happened?

As most folks know by now, certain Netflix workers are furious at their employer for streaming Chappelle's new special, " The Closer," in which the comedian declares, "Gender is a fact." In the last couple of weeks, a prominent Netflix showrunner quit in protest; the company suspended three employees — including a queer trans worker — for crashing an executive meeting focused on Chappelle; and Netflix fired the organizer of a planned walkout for leaking confidential data related to Chappelle's special.

Well, that walkout happened Wednesday in Los Angeles — but a lone outlier managed to steal every decibel of the protesters' thunder.

Carrying a "We Like Dave" sign and singing, "Dave's life matters!" the brave soul immediately attracted the attention of protesters, one of whom grabbed his sign and proceeded to crush it beneath his feet.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

"Why is he breaking my sign?" he asked, mockingly. "Don't I have free-speech rights?"

As he was left with only a bare pole, the protesters began declaring that the Chappelle supporter was armed and dangerous.

"He's got a weapon!" the man who destroyed his sign yelled, after which comrades dutifully repeated the claim. The smiling victim played along, too.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

Then the Chappelle supporter turned around and faced down the hungry mob — a shorter member of which stood inches from him with arms stretched wide for some reason.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

Then he dropped his "weapon" and began hilariously exercising his freedom of speech upon them.

"I'm just here to say that jokes are funny, people!" the Chappelle supporter hollered at the mob. "Dave Chappelle is a funny guy! I love Dave! I don't know why all the violence! I don't know why all the hate! I just love Dave Chappelle! Dave Chappelle! Wooo!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

Funnier still, as the Chappelle backer raised his volume, another tiny protester offered a profane John the Baptist send-up, banging a tambourine and repeatedly bellowing in the guy's face, "Repent, motherf***er!"

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @johnschreiber

But in the end, all the Chappelle supporter cared about was his missing equipment.

"They took my stick! My stick!" he yelled mockingly at the mob. "My sign! I need my poster board! It was $2.99! It was my money!"

Check it out. ( Content warning: Language):

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