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Video: Fed-up school bus driver's profanity-laced rant at students goes viral. She resigns — but now has plenty of fans on social media.


'I'm gonna start kickin' some f***in' serious a**!'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Cellphone video of an Ohio school bus driver's profanity-laced rant at students has gone viral — and although she resigned, her stern words have gained her quite a number of fans on social media.

What are the details?

The video was posted to TikTok and shows the frustrated driver parking the school bus and then making her way down the aisle, where she begins yelling profanities at students.

"I'm sick of all of this s**t! I'm done with it! I'm gonna start kicking some f***in' serious ass! Do you hear me? My foot's gonna be so far up your goddamn ass, it's gonna dangle out your goddamn nose! I'm done with you!" the driver hollers.

But wait — there's more.

"I'm ready to walk off this goddamn bus right now and let you people walk the f*** home! How much more do you think anybody can freaking take?" she adds.

For good measure she warns, "I don't wanna hear another goddamn word out of your mouth!" As she begins driving the bus again, the driver can heard yelling, "Somebody needs to come up on this bus and seriously kick some f***in' ass!"

Here's the censored version:

VIDEO | Amherst bus driver resigns as officials investigate allegations of 'unacceptable' behavioryoutu.be

What did the school district have to say?

WJW-TV reported that the driver resigned following Wednesday's incident, and the station cited a letter to parents from the Amherst Exempted Village School District, which said it's investigating.

“This evening, I received a video circulating on social media of a bus driver using inappropriate and offensive language towards students,” the letter said, according to the station. “The behavior exhibited by the bus driver is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The letter added that “the actions of the bus driver do not represent the values and standards we uphold as a district and do not reflect our commitment to providing a safe, caring and compassionate educational environment," WJW said.

The district noted that its transportation department will review its procedures to ensure situations are handled appropriately and safely, the station added.

“The district will also continue to support our bus drivers with proper training and professional development,” the letter also said, according to WJW.

Amherst bus driver resigns as school officials investigate allegations of 'unacceptable' behavioryoutu.be

The former school bus driver now has fans

The uncensored TikTok video of the driver's rant has garnered over 24,000 comments, and a cursory look shows a great majority of them are supportive of her:

  • "I agree with the bus driver tbh," one commenter said.
  • "If I was her boss, she'd get a raise," another user declared.
  • "Lady shouldn't have to deal with nonsense. This is why there is a bus driver shortage in my area," another commenter said. "She's just trying to make a living. Give her a break."
  • “Giving me all the 90’s bus driver vibes!" another user exclaimed. "Bonus that she knows all their names #makethemwalkhome kids are so weak these days, this is nothing."
  • "Dude I’m a bus driver preach sister!!! Hardest freaking job ever!!!" another commenter wrote.
  • "As a middle school teacher, I want to invite her to be my co-teacher!" another user pledged.
  • "She could drive my kids to school any day!" another commenter said.
  • "You don’t know the struggle until you’ve done the job!" another user observed. "I’m on her side!"

(H/T: OutKick)

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