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Video: Militant pro-transgender activists rage, attack speaker at women's rights event in New Zealand, leading her to evacuate

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Militant pro-transgender activists were caught on video raging and attacking a speaker at a recent women's rights event in New Zealand, leading the speaker to evacuate.

What are the details?

British anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull — aka Posie Parker — took the stage Saturday in Auckland's Albert Park as part of her "Let Women Speak" tour, and the New Zealand Herald reported that more than 2,000 showed up to protest her.

One protester rushed toward her and poured a bottle of juice over her head, the paper said, and then sprayed one of Keen-Minshull’s security guards before being led away.

Fights broke out with pushing and shoving as protesters faced down Keen-Minshull’s much smaller group, the Herald said.

Indeed, protesters "galvanized by the LGBTQIA+ community" drowned out Keen-Minshull with drums, chants of “go home,” and even a Whitney Houston song playing over loudspeakers, the paper added.

A barrier that was supposed to keep the two groups apart was pushed down, the Herald said.

Soon, Keen-Minshull was led away as a handful of individuals tried to protect her and struggled to keep the raging mob away from her before she reached the safety of a police car:

Tomato juice thrown on Posie Parker, aborts rally | nzherald.co.nzyoutu.be

Keen-Minshull said she had “never been as frightened” and felt that her life had been in danger, the Herald said.

She later posted the following on Twitter:

A statement released later by Speak Up for Women said a planned Wellington speaking engagement was canceled after the Albert Park event was “overrun by a violent mob," the paper noted.

Keen-Minshull said prior to being shut down that she was in New Zealand to “give women who feel gaslit by the state [the ability] to speak about the rights they are losing," the Herald said.

Politicians and other social commentators have criticized her intensely for asserting that people cannot change their sex, the paper added.

J.K. Rowling blasts pro-trans militants

"Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling, who has previously been criticized for her stance on transgender topics in their relation to women, described the protests as “repellent scenes” in which “a mob assaulted women speaking up for their rights."

"Women have become used to lies, threats of violence and outright denial of reality, but if you imagine anyone feels 'defeated', think again," Rowling said on Twitter.

Chris Philp, a New Zealand member of Parliament, called the attack on Keen-Minshull "unacceptable."

“The way women’s rights have been threatened by the trans movement is deeply concerning," Philp told TalkTV, adding that Keen-Minshull "has every right to express her views" and shouldn't have to be "abused by a baying mob."

Keen-Minshull is scheduled to speak in Ireland in April, Fox News reported.

Tucker Carlson interviewed her in the aftermath of the Albert Park event:

Tucker Carlson Today - Kellie-Jay on Fox News speaking about what happened in Aucklandyoutu.be

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