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VIDEO: NYC firefighters chase down thug who sucker-punched 60-year-old woman in front of their station


Police said suspect has 18 prior arrests, most recently Aug. 2 after he allegedly slashed a man's face

Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

A Brooklyn bicyclist apparently thought it would be fun to sucker-punch and knock down a 60-year-old woman he was passing on a sidewalk late last month.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Image source: YouTube screenshot

It's possible he could've pedaled away with no immediate consequences — except the thug had the bright idea of doing the deed right in front of the Engine 214/Ladder 111 fire station.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

And the firefighters apparently saw the whole thing, got plenty mad, and ran after him.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Video shows the firefighters caught up to the bicyclist around a corner and took him down to the sidewalk.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

The firefighters stayed with the suspect until police arrived and took him away in handcuffs as a crowd watched, WCBS-TV reported.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Who is the suspect?

The NYPD identified the suspect as 53-year-old Daniel Biggs, the station said, adding that police said he has 18 prior arrests, from robbery to assault, and that the most recent was Aug. 2 after he allegedly slashed a 26-year-old man's face.

What's more, during the Aug. 26 incident, while he was being restrained Biggs punched a 29-year-old firefighter in the eye causing bruising and swelling, police told WCBS.

Biggs, of Brooklyn, was charged with assault, menacing, harassment, and attempted assault, the New York Post said. He was arraigned the following day, ordered held on $20,000, but was released without bail after a return court appearance four days later, the paper said, citing court records.

The suspect appears to be a recognizable face in the community, the station said. "He comes, buys his stuff and leaves. That's it. I was like why he did it?" Twin Alzokari of nearby J&A Deli and Grocery told WCBS.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Anything else?

Police said the victim suffered a cut on the mouth but refused medical attention at the scene, the station reported, adding that the suspect and victim were strangers and that the motive for the attack is unclear.

"It's bad. You can't hit a woman," Alzokari added to WCBS. "She's very nice, the whole family. I grew up with them."

And he told the station the firefighters are an asset to the neighborhood.

"You feel safe. They're always helping the community, and that's a very, very good job what they did," he said.

Firefighters Catch Man Accused Of Assaulting 60-Year-Old Woman youtu.be

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