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Here's a peek at pathetic leftist protest fails — including one clown who gets a little too close to a police dog


Popcorn, please — and don't skimp on the butter

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Amid the terror and sadness and destruction resulting from the George Floyd riots across America, there have been a handful of moments that just might get you busting a gut and put a smile on your face.

K-9 with a 'temper'

We've certainly seen our share of hyper-bold protesters this week, haven't we? Attacking and even killing police with impunity, destroying property without repercussions — and all with a rapidly growing we-can-do-whatever-we-want bravado.

So it must be a shock when their antics come back to bite them in the ass.

One scene featured a large group of loudmouthed protesters repeatedly yelling "f*** the police!" at officers and even dancing in their faces, presumably to antagonize them.

But a police dog was on hand at this noble assembly — and the pup was not pleased.

Indeed, a few loud barks was all it took to send one dancing woman scurrying for safety while another protester remarked at the K-9's "temper."

But alas, one guy who still didn't have his head on straight made the mistake of moving within a few feet of the dog — and then he turned his back.

Content warning: Language (and diminished brain cells):

Ouch. Is there some needle and thread in the pipe bomb bag?

Shoulda stayed in his mom's basement

Antifa members are having quite a week, too. Presumably viewing protests as a chance to advance anarchy, the so-called "anti-fascists" — ironically with a reputation for carrying out violent, fascist acts against anyone who gets in their way — were quite busy inciting riots and breaking a lot of windows.

One of the other strange things about Antifa members — with their soy spaghetti arms and skinny jeans and black hoods — is that they enjoy exuding thug-like toughness (well, at least when they're part of a pack of 20 or more).

But one reported Antifa guy sustained a leg wound during rioting, and video caught his reaction when one of his comrades tightened a tourniquet around his thigh. You hate to see such bona fide warrior scream in such pain:

Poor baby.

Think before you act, dear

And finally we bring you a Twitter clip posted by "hannah/Black Lives Matter" — a "proud Ohio University student & contributor to bringing down bigots and cops." Alrighty then.

Anyway, "hannah" wrote that she was "arrested for peacefully protesting for the BLM movement" in Cincinnati. What's more, "cops forced me to stand (while hyperventilating and actively passing out) and then laughed at me while I was having a panic attack. They withheld my sister's meds and mocked her intelligence while she begged."

Let's have a look:

Didn't catch the police laughing part or the police mocking part — but man, was that officer rough on her or what?

Still, it is a little funny when leftist adults cry and get panicky when the consequences they've brought upon themselves for lawless behavior come home to roost.

Cock a doodle doo.

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