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Video shows Russian tank run down, flatten civilian vehicle driven by elderly man — and man miraculously survives

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

Video captured the moment a Russian tank crashed into and drove over a civilian car driven by an elderly man in Ukraine's capital city of Kyiv.

What are the details?

Videos shared to social media shows the massive armored vehicle driving down what appeared to be a suburban residential road before driving into the path of a sedan — and then directly over the vehicle, appearing to flatten it altogether.

After a moment, the tank can be seen reversing off of the sedan, pulverizing its frame a second time, likely prompting bystanders to assume the worst for the car's occupant.

In the videos, bystanders can be heard screaming and crying as the tank rolls over the vehicle and its occupant inside.

What else?

Later footage shared to social media shows the aftermath of the crash and the dramatic rescue.

According to various reports, the unnamed elderly passenger lived — and was able to extricate himself from the crushed vehicle with the help of several nearby civilians, who pried him out of the wreck using various tools.

Video saw the unidentified group of men attempting to force open the door on the dazed-looking elderly man's vehicle in order to free him from the twisted wreckage.

What else?

Witness Viktor Berbash told the Sun that he couldn't believe his eyes and described the scene as he recalled it unfolding.

"I saw an armoured vehicle and there was automatic fire," he told the outlet. "And here this car, with probably an anti-aircraft gun on it, was already here ... Two armoured vehicles were driving along the road, and the second of them deliberately drove into the oncoming lane. It was not by chance, it was for fun, there was no need for this. And it just ran into this car. Stopped, reversed over it again and drove on."

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