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VIDEO: Rifle-wielding Taliban militant rips Afghan flags from bicyclist, slaps him, and takes flags away. It reminds many of Antifa violence in US.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan, composite

A cellphone video posted to Twitter on Thursday appeared to show a rifle-wielding Taliban militant jumping out of a pickup truck bed packed with his comrades in arms to confront a man riding a bicycle in the opposite direction.

The militant apparently had one thing on his mind: The flags of Afghanistan that the bicyclist was wearing as a cape and a head covering.

What happened?

The Taliban militant at first raised his rifle to get the bicyclist's attention — and it sure worked.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan

The bicycle rider stopped, and the militant walked over to him — and in seconds it became clear the militant wanted the Afghan flags. So the bicycle rider quickly took off the flag he was using as a cape and handed it over to the militant.

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan

But the Taliban militant wasn't through.

He then grabbed the Afghan flag from atop the bicycle rider's head —

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan

— and then delivered a sudden slap to the bicyclist's face:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan

With that, the militant walked off and hopped back into the pickup truck bed with his buddies:

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @IhteshamAfghan

Here's the clip:

How did folks react to the incident?

Many commenters said the flag confiscation and slap are similar to what Antifa militants have been doing in America over the last several years to those with whom they disagree ideologically:

  • "Honestly, that was pretty tame," one commenter said. "Antifa will do worse to you in the U.S. for holding an American flag."
  • "Doesn't Antifa do something similar[?]" another commenter asked.
  • "I didn't know the Taliban were Democrats," another user quipped.
  • "Taliban has Antifa?" another user wondered.
  • "Well doesn't that look strangely like Antifa," another commenter pointed out.
  • "My God! They've turned Kabul into downtown Portland," another user noticed.

One commenter took issue with what the video showed and said American leftists likely support it: "How long until leftists say he had it coming for being a 'nationalist'?" "There's people here defending that because they'd do the same here for a Trump flag if they could," another commenter claimed.

And sure enough, some folks made that very assertion:

  • "Lol that guy's an idiot and is lucky he got off with just a slap," one user noted.
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