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VIDEO: Woman walks up to another woman, shoots her dead on sidewalk in front of witnesses — and casually walks back to her vehicle

Image source: New York Post video screenshot

Surveillance video obtained by the New York Post shows the moment a woman walked up to another woman on a Brooklyn sidewalk and shot her dead in front of numerous witnesses — and then casually walked back to her vehicle.

What are the details?

The paper said the clip shows the shooter wearing a purse and walking up to 42-year-old Delia Johnson and shooting her in the head while Johnson was talking to two people sitting on the outdoor steps of a building on Franklin Avenue near Prospect Place in the Prospect Heights neighborhood.

Image source: New York Post video screenshot

Police sources said the shooting took place about 9:40 p.m. Tuesday, the Post said.

The video from the Post doesn't show Johnson getting shot, only the seconds prior to the trigger getting pulled and the moments after, in which Johnson is blurred.

The paper said that after the victim fell to the sidewalk, the shooter fired several more shots. And as individuals in the area ran off and ducked for cover, the shooter nonchalantly walked away and entered a white SUV double parked on the street with its hazard lights flashing, the Post said.

Image source: New York Post video screenshot

Johnson was found unconscious and unresponsive after the shooting, the paper said. She was pronounced dead at Interfaith Hospital, police told the Post.

The New York Daily News said Johnson was a mother of a 17-year-old girl and that the shooting took place just a few blocks from her home.

Family members told the Daily News they believe the shooter followed Johnson from a funeral in the neighborhood.

"She was at a funeral earlier in the evening for an old neighborhood friend to pay her respects, and then this happened," Johnson's brother, Mathis Johnson, 47, told the Daily News. "It was horrible. That lady executed my sister."

Mathis Johnson told the Daily News he didn't know the shooter but that she attended the funeral, too.

Cordelia Berry, Johnson's sister, told the Daily News she would take care of her sister's daughter: 'She always said, 'If anything ever happens to me, take care of my baby.'"

Berry told the paper she suspects the shooter envied Johnson's entrepreneurial success: "She was Miss Electric. She was the life of the party. She was a rainbow. She had her own business. She was an entrepreneur — fashion was her passion. When you succeed in life that way, people are jealous."

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