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Co-hosts on ‘The View’ gush over Obama’s ‘scandal-free’ presidency. Then Meghan McCain fact-checks them.


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Meghan McCain delivered a fact check to her fellow "The View" co-hosts after they praised President Barack Obama's administration as "scandal-free."

Say what?

During Tuesday's episode of "The View," the co-hosts discussed the recent report that a whistleblower revealed the Trump administration granted at least 25 security clearances to people who were previously denied such clearances after prior vetting.

On Monday, a whistleblower alleged that the Trump administration approved the security clearances that had been previously denied over security concerns. House Democrats promised to launch a full investigation into the report, according to the Washington Post. Two of the clearances purportedly included "two current senior White House officials."

Co-host Abby Huntsman addressed the issue and said that Republicans would have been all over the story if it had concerned former President Barack Obama during his time in the White House.

Co-host Joy Behar broke in and loudly insisted that "nothing like this even remotely close ever happened" during Obama's administration, taking apparent issue with a mere suggestion otherwise.

"Completely scandal-free!" she shrilled.

Co-host Meghan McCain began chuckling at Behar's bias toward the former president and insisted that she wasn't interested in getting into it with the elder co-host on the day's show.

"Do you know a scandal? Can you name a scandal?" Behar pushed, despite McCain's assertion that she wasn't going to indulge the remarks.

McCain, clearly fired up by this point, fired back, " The Iran deal! Number one."

"I mean, billions of dollars in unmarked bills in the middle of the night given to Iran," she trailed off.

Guest co-host Ana Navarro interrupted, adding that the only scandals that occurred during Obama's administration were actual jokes.

"I'll give you an Obama scandal," she joked. "He wore a tan suit. Michelle showed her arms. And he ate Grey Poupon! That's it!"

An increasingly irritated McCain continued, "The problem is, when you put the Obama administration up as this pristine, scandal-free, perfect administration that never did anything wrong—" before co-host Sunny Hostin broke in to affirm Behar's previous remarks.

"It was pretty scandal-free," Hostin offered.

How did McCain respond?

"There are a lot of policies that were put into place that rational conservatives disagreed with," McCain responded, and added this kind of thinking is what put Trump in the office to begin with.

"It feels very judgmental," she insisted. "If you didn't like the Obama administration, and you had a problem, the Iran deal, that's how you got Trump. ... It's how we got Trump, and it's how we're going to re-elect him, and when he is re-elected — which, at this point, I believe he is going to be — I hope at some point, you will listen to the warning shots I have given all of you."

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Here are some other scandals McCain could have mentioned:

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