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Viral video: Woman who repeatedly rammed her Mercedez Benz into car during taco truck feud says she was targeted


Her lawyer says she was targeted because she plays a villain on television

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

A woman was caught in viral videos ramming a car with her Mercedez Benz that had boxed her in while they patronized a popular taco truck in Hollywood, California, and she is blaming her social media celebrity.

The interaction was caught on several video feeds. It shows various people eating their tacos in the parking lot when a woman driving a Mercedez Benz demanded they move out of her way.

They are seen having a hostile confrontation where she slaps their tacos out of their hands. She then got back into her car, and began ramming their car.

One man can be seen narrowly being hit by the car.

She continued to ram the car behind her as the startled spectators look on, recording on their phones.

Police identifed the woman as Amber Rose Darbinyan. Her lawyer told reporters that she had been targeted because of the roles she plays on Armenian television.

"Apparently her character, if you will, is somewhat of the villain, to the point where she's had confrontations on the street, and in restaurants and night clubs by people who believe she's that bad character," said Attorney Jose Romero.

The 24-year-old also posted a video of her being chased by the police on Instagram, but her lawyer said people shouldn't hold that against her.

Police say they are still investigating, but have said that she could face felony vandalism charges.

Here's the video of the altercation:

NEW VIDEO: Verbal Abuse, Thrown Items Preceded Hollywood Car Ramming Incidentwww.youtube.com

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