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Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears blasts concerns about 'misgendering' the Nashville child-killer in conversation with Bill Maher

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Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Earle-Sears minced no words during her Friday appearance on "Real Time with Bill Maher" when one of Maher's guests bemoaned the media's so-called "misgendering" of the Nashville school shooter.

Maher argued that it would be prudent for the media to deny mass murderers any publicity whatsoever and called for a policy comparable to that already adhered to at TheBlaze: "I don't want to know what orientation this person is, how old they are, what their manifesto said — I don't give a sh** about any of it because it's just going to inspire the next one."

While Maher was forward-looking in his media criticism, James Kirchick, a writer for Air Mail and the Daily Beast, focused on the mainstream media's recent treatment of a mass murderer.

Kirchick noted that in the immediate aftermath of a militant transsexual's massacre of six Christians in a Nashville elementary school, the media had been inconsistent in its references to the child-killer's sex.

"If you've noticed, they are misgendering and dead-naming the murderer. Right? They are referring to the murderer by their given name, not their chosen name ... referring to her as a woman, as opposed to what her identity apparently was — was a man," said Kirchick.

TheBlaze previously reported how various liberal media outlets initially said the Covenant School shooter had been a woman. However, upon learning that she had identified as a man, the New York Times, CNN, USA Today, Kirchick's Daily Beast, and other publications took measures to ensure that they were on the record as not "misgendering" her.

The Daily Beast, for instance, had originally reported that a "Rifle-Toting Woman Kills 6 in Nashville Christian School."

The title of the article was later changed to "Cops Release Shocking CCTV of Nashville School Massacre," ostensibly to accommodate LGBT activists' sensibilities and sensitivities.

Kirchick told Maher that this initial inconsistency was not reflective of "the way the media usually does these things. They are usually very particular about the subjective sense of gender identity and respecting that. If someone says they are a man, then they're a man. But in this case, they are not doing that."

Earle-Sears interjected, saying, "Hang on, you know what: This person murdered six people. I don't really care who you say you are. You murdered six people and three of them were children."

"You don't get a say," continued Earle-Sears, noting that's a forgone conclusion in this case because "she's dead now, so, you know."

While Earle-Sears had the last word on naming rights for dead murderers, Virginia's first female lieutenant governor had yet more to say on the broader culture war afoot in America.

Concerning parental rights — an issue that was central to Gov. Glenn Youngkin's 2021 election win — Earle-Sears noted that it is not the government's role to co-parent: "I'm a parent. I'm a parent all day. I get to decide what happens in my child's life. Not you, not the government, not anybody. I don't co-parent."

"I had this child. I'm responsible for this child. Anything that happens to little Johnny, you're calling me, right," she continued. "If I don't want my child getting lap dances at school by a drag queen, I don't want it done."

When the panel broached the subject of guns and gun ownership, Maher referenced Tennessee Republican Rep. Andy Ogles' Christmas photo wherein he and his family posed with rifles, noting that "many Republican politicians do that."

Kirchick interjected, making sure to mention Earle-Sears' widely circulated campaign image depicting her brandishing a firearm.

In reply, the Republican lieutenant governor made no apology for the image, first noting that she is a Marine and that she knows "how to use it."

"I have that photograph because I got tired of seeing black people every time we’re in the media about guns, it’s always bad. We are law-abiding citizens. And we’re not going to give up our Second Amendment rights."

Earle-Sears stressed that the fastest-growing group of gun owners is women, noting, "It was a black woman that said you need a Winchester rifle in every home. A black woman during the civil rights and before said that. And Harriet Tubman carried a gun. If it’s good enough for her, it’s good enough for me."

Maher conceded that as it pertains to physical combat between men and women, "guns are a leveler. You know, if you don't have guns, then the person who is physically stronger is always going to win."

As for the constitutionally protected right to level attackers, Earle Sears said, "If you're breaking into my home while I'm waiting on the police to come, I'm gonna shoot you. That's just the way it is. I'm going to pray for you, but I'm gonna shoot you."

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