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WATCH: Florida man goes viral for hilarious suggestions on how to fight powerful hurricanes


'Well, we have an Air Force...'

Image via Twitter @tyler_vazquez screenshot

As catastrophic Hurricane Dorian barrels down on the Bahamas and threatens the U.S. mainland, an unidentified Florida man is going viral for suggesting how to combat the powerful storm.

"I can't see how they haven't come up with some kind of way to combat these storms yet," the man told Florida Today reporter Tyler Vazquez from a mobile home park in Palm Bay, Florida.

His suggestion? Use the force of the U.S. military to fight hurricanes.

"They keep saying it's going to hit all this warm weather and warm water. We have a Navy," he said. "Why don't the Navy come and drop ice in the warm water so it don't, so it can't get going as fast as it's going."

"There's gotta be ways to combat this instead of just pointing at the thing and going, 'Well, now it's getting worse.' Well we know it's getting worse," the man continued.

"But you tell us, 'Oh it's the warm weather. Oh, it's the wind.' Well, we have an Air Force. Drive some Air Force planes around to get the winds going the opposite way and the Navy to go in circles to fight it the other way," he suggested.

The video has since gone viral, amassing nearly 7 million views by Monday afternoon. Thousands of people have commented on the video, even former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) who simply said, "I love my State."

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