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'You don't think we don't know where your children go to school?': Activist lawyer appears to threaten cops, their families in tirade — and backlash is severe


'There will not be a place of peace, there will not be a place of respite'

Image source: Facebook video screenshot via Kansas City Fraternal Order of Police

A prominent activist attorney appeared to make threats against Kansas City police officers during a megaphone tirade outside police headquarters Friday — a portion of which was shared on social media.

What are the details?

"We are seeking to revoke the peace officers' licenses," Stacy Shaw hollered while standing with a crowd of supporters. "We are going to start sharing things with your children's teachers."

She added, "You don't think we don't know where your children go to school? Who the f*** do you think we are?"

Shaw is leading a movement to get Kansas City Police Chief Rick Smith fired, among other demands, KCTV-TV reported. In her rant, she accused police of "terrorizing" citizens.

"We are tired, and I don't make threats," she added in her megaphone rant. "I don't make threats, but we're going to start sharing this information so your children can see it."

In the end, she said officers "will have no one, no one that loves you after we get done with this next campaign" and that "there will not be a place of peace, there will not be a place of respite, there will not be a place of respect left for anyone that wears this badge. Not one single place. We will make sure that even your children can't stand you."

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

Stacy Shaw Attorney Outside KCPD HQ October 2020 youtu.be

What was the reaction?

Brad Lemon, president of the city's Fraternal Order of Police, noted in a Facebook statement that the organization is "aware of the video of Attorney Stacy Shaw threatening our members and their families. Our Lodge has begun work with city and state leadership."

His statement also indicated that "we urge our membership to remain calm and act as we have been trained to do. We should always be aware of our surroundings and potential threats. Yes, Shaw's threats serve to raise that threat level. We must remember that while a small number of people may be violent and threatening our families, the majority of this city supports you."

Lemon concluded by saying, "We do this job and have an understanding of the danger that accompanies our oath. Our families do not deserve what Shaw is threatening."

Shaw later denied that she threatened police, telling KCTV that "an information campaign is not a threat."

But Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas — who is black — wasn't buying her explanation and took Shaw to task.

"That is one of the biggest bull crap statements I've ever heard in my entire life," Lucas said, according to the station. "You do not say I'm going to threaten your spouse and your children simply because you want them to understand the nature of someone's job. That's ridiculous and preposterous. Her statements were uncalled for, and she knows better. She's a lawyer, a member of the bar. We are trained not to make statements like that."

Lemon reacted similarly to Shaw's denial, KCTV said: "That's bull crap. You watched the video, everybody else watched that video. We didn't edit the video. There were no cuts in that video. She said what she said, and she's trying to backtrack it now. The reality is she has threatened the families of police officers."

The station said Shaw noted in a Monday press conference that she no longer will discourage violent protests: "I will be praying for the safety of the officers families because as much as I've done for them, as much as I have influence the community to only protest non-violently, it is not my place to tell people how to protest."

'Regrettable statements'

But by Tuesday evening, Shaw apologized.

On Friday, I made regrettable statements that I in no way intended as a threat. I sincerely apologize for the brief moment that I was not upholding the values of love and transformative justice I have consistently championed.

To be clear, I do not endorse nor will I ever tolerate harm to police families or children. We all deserve better. This video has become a distraction from the important work of organizers and activists that are on the brink of changing so much in this city and country.

I am taking time to focus on self-accountability and how I may be of further service in this historic movement.

Lemon, however, didn't seem very impressed by Shaw's mea culpa:

While we acknowledge Ms. Shaw's apology, which unfortunately is serval days too late, it does not in anyway mitigate the fact that our officers had to endure unwarranted threats from a member of the Missouri Bar.

The FOP will continue to evaluate whether to pursue criminal charges or file appropriate ethics complaints against her with the Missouri Disciplinary Administrator.

(H/T: The Police Tribune)

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