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WTF MSM!? CNN’s ‘climate town hall’ was a gift to Trump


Craziness on display …

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The ads write themselves …

On Wednesday, CNN ran a marathon "climate town hall" where the Democratic candidates for president prostrated themselves before Gaia and professed their support for climate-change orthodoxy with religious zeal. It was a race to see who could outlandishly one-up each other with the most absurd proposals. It was a gift to Trump, and as Legal Insurrection's William Jacobson noted, "a man-made disaster for Democrat presidential candidates."

Here's just some of the insanity proposed by Democrats:

Surprisingly, one of the more sane positions of the night was from Cory Booker, who said that those opposed to nuclear power to solve greenhouse gas emissions "just aren't looking at the facts."

As Breitbart's Joel Pollak noted, the seven hours on CNN were an "in-kind donation" to the Trump campaign, which will use clips in campaign commercials to show voters how crazy these candidates are, in their own words.

How do we know Americans don't care about this issue as much as CNN thinks they do? The town hall got the lowest number of viewers of all cable news stations Wednesday night.

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