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Ana Navarro tells Rand Paul that Venezuela's ‘Maduro is not a socialist,’ then claims that his attempt to refute her truth is ‘mansplaining’


Willfully ignorant

Image source: ABC "The View" screenshot

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On Friday, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) appeared on ABC's "The View." During his segment, nominal Republican Ana Navarro confronted Paul on why her fellow Republicans frequently state in ads and on social media: "If you vote for Democrats, you'll turn the United States into Venezuela."

After Paul evoked socialism, Navarro screamed, "Maduro is not a socialist," then lit into Paul for "mansplaining" otherwise.

Navarro said that "Maduro is not a socialist" because he's just a "corrupt murderous thug starving his people." When Paul said "that's not true" Navarro went on a rant.

It takes a special kind of ignorance to emphatically say "Maduro is not a socialist." The evidence is clear as day. Let's start with the fact that he's a member of the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela — United Socialist Party of Venezuela. He's even front and center on its website.

Let's take the other part of Navarro's statement, that "he's a corrupt murderous thug." She seems to believe that the two are mutually exclusive, that one can't be both a "corrupt murderous thug" and a socialist. History has shown us that being a socialist leader has a high correlation with being a "corrupt murderous thug."

The left has made it a crusade to say that what has happened in Venezuela is due to "corruption, not socialism." To the socialist left, real socialism has never been tried. It's odd that the "Republican" Navarro is parroting its points.

Let's go back to Maduro's party website for a moment. Splashed across the top banner are the words "No + Trump." Maybe that's what is driving the NeverTrump Navarro. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" and all.

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