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Commentary: Post-impeachment rant: It's time for Trump's revenge tour


Time for all-out war

Oliver Contreras/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Mitch McConnell trying to have it both ways, by voting to acquit and then condemning Trump, is trash. But that shouldn't be surprising, because as I've been saying for years, old Ditch is trash.

He was trash before Trump, one of the main reasons people turned to the likes of Trump, and he's trash now.

Trump's mistake was thinking he could do business with him and his ilk, even to the point of putting Ditch's wife in his administration. Giving Ditch credit for approving a bunch of judges is like giving your kid credit for not skipping school. That's the baseline expectation of the job, and it doesn't even consider that too many of these judges will be useless to awful anyway because of the pagan law schools from whence they came. Too many of the worst judicial bowel movements have come from GOP appointees or majority GOP-appointed SCOTUS justices. If Ditch wants to charge someone for inciting the riot on Jan. 6, he can look in the same place OJ needed to find the real killers — a mirror.

Republicans such as McConnell are modern-day Esaus, surrendering the country's future in exchange for a corporatist kickback to grease their palms now. Disenfranchising voters election after election by not only not keeping their campaign promises, but openly betraying those voters at the same time.

I don't believe in rioting. Otherwise I'd be rioting. But I have been warning for a while now that if there is not peaceable yet firm opposition to the spirit of the age that has taken over the Democratic Party, it will eventually devolve into other forms. People are not just going to sit quiet forever and watch their way of life being taken away. That's the harsh lesson of history.

It's a lesson I'd like us to avoid repeating, but for that to happen, there must be a real opposition party. A real platform for people who oppose the regressive deconstruction of Western civilization to channel their principles and values within the system and into action. Unfortunately, no such vehicle exists within the nation's capitol and hasn't for a long time. Thus, frustration and angst have only grown out here in flyover country.

Republicans such as McConnell are the reason why. They are the enabling collaborators who have permitted the left's "long march through the institutions" to be almost complete. They are feckless, technocratic wretches playing conventional smarmy and corrupt politics, while the spirit of the age is playing for keeps and conducting a cultural hijacking. They play trite and tacky political games, while the left plays conqueror.

Now that he's acquitted, Trump should announce all-out war in the 2022 primary cycle, with the goal of high political body count.

Yes, Trump is his own worst enemy too often, as I've pointed out in specific moments. Like last year, when I spent most of it criticizing him for surrendering his presidency to the malevolent Fauci and quack Birx, which cost him re-election in my opinion — for setting into motion the very mail-in voting scheme that toppled him. That being said, any reformer or outsider you put up there — no matter how much nicer and more charming and more worldly they may be — will be treated the same way by the Swamp. Pick a name, and the process might look different given their different personalities, but the endgame is the same.

Trump ran for office on "drain the swamp" and then was done in by his failure to do so as president. Once in office, he went "art of the deal" instead and was ultimately knifed by the swamp he failed to drain but naively thought he could cut deals with. Now, finally, is the time for Trump to keep that promise, not to mention settle a personal vendetta. And I have no problem indulging Trump's vendettas when they're to my/our benefit.

This one most definitely would be.

Trump's lack of restraint has led to his undoing at times, and frankly I think the odds of his acquittal were improved ironically because he's been de-platformed from places where he could knee-jerk react. His lack of social media presence forced Democrats to make a case on the merits, without Orange Man Bad as a straw man to play off, and the case couldn't pass muster once cross-examined.

There have been many biblical comparisons to Trump in recent years, but not the one I think fits most. Samson, also, was a towering figure who cast a large shadow, but whose lack of restraint was his undoing at times. However, his final act — plunging the pagan temple to the fish demon Dagon facedown in the dirt — ultimately justified his legacy. This great pruning of the GOP establishment could (and should) be Trump's lasting legacy.

Grab the jawbone of an ass, Mr. President, and sweep the leg.

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