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Deace: Traitors are everywhere. Don't wait for someone else to stand up for freedom.

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A listener of our show recently sent an email that speaks to so much that is currently broken in our culture and why there is no more time to sit on the sidelines and wait for somebody else to do the hard and necessary work of defending freedom.

After watching our segments with decorated Dr. Peter McCollough's dismantling of the Faucian Covidstan narrative, the listener wrote:

I want to know if in light of what Dr. McCollough revealed about the abject failure of most doctors and their failure to even try to treat Covid patients, is there any chance there will be a "physicians I trust" service available in the near future? This is a serious question. My doctors were aligned with the do-nothing treatment of any of their patients who contracted Covid. In fact, many doctors (in my state) still only do appointments by Zoom calls and those that do actually see their patients in person require them to wear masks, even if they have been vaccinated. A "physicians I trust" service would be of great value to those of us who are ready to fire our doctors and, and are in dire need of finding good and trustworthy doctors for our future needs. Who knows when the next medical crisis, real or otherwise, will come our way.

Emphasis on otherwise. Which is why this isn't even remotely just a medical concern being raised here. We are being gaslighted at every turn, on nearly every issue of fundamental importance. And by legions of people who live within our borders, but don't remotely consider themselves Americans any longer, according to any legitimate definition of the term.

They are nefarious revolutionaries, and they mean to rule you in the end. That end, by the way, is nigh.

As usual, I have the data to back it up in the form of their own words. This comes via the 2021 American College Student Freedom Progress and Flourishing Survey put out by North Dakota State University. When asked if professors and students who say something deemed offensive by Karen Snowflake should be "reported," 85% of progressive college students say "to the leper colony" for non-woke professors and 76% of them believe the same applies to their fellow students who won't join the cult.

Want to go even farther down this rancid rabbit hole? Well over 50% of the so-called "independent"-minded students identified in the survey also agreed that your local college should be turned into Orwell's "Animal Farm." That's when you know we are dealing with far more than politics here. We are dealing with a spirit of the age, and make no mistake, it is straight outta hell.

The culture is so thick with lies and reality bending that East of Eden has been renamed Nirvana. Which is why doctors will happily turn on you and call it righteous, as the letter writer above correctly deduces. Because before they went to medical school, they first got their bachelor's degrees in woke. And it doesn't matter these days if they majored in feminist studies or mathematics, or if they went to Harvard or the University of Texas. It is all weaponized now to bring an end to your way of life.

So of course we need "physicians I can trust." But more than that, we need Americans I can trust. There are traitors everywhere, and they aren't even hiding in plain sight. They simply taunt us day after day, usually from the rotting halls of government/academia/media, and then we usually just take it with mere grumbling as our only weapon.

To that I say we need to find a better weapon — ourselves.

Be the person who runs for the board that oversees public libraries and kick drag queen story hour to the curb. Be the person who runs for the school board and tells critical racist theory to stick it where the sun don't shine. Be the person who persistently pesters and pressures your churches and other local institutions just dying to die, to the point they want to launch you into the sun.

You will either do politics, or it will do you.

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