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Horowitz: Congress must investigate Pfizer’s other dangerous boondoggle: Paxlovid

Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Getty Images

Where is the intellectual curiosity of millions of doctors who blindly supported expensive, experimental products without circumspection, but scoffed at every cheap, safe, and long-standing approved therapeutic to treat COVID? Whether the medical community finds its spiritual catharsis or not, House Republicans need to engage in oversight of the shots, remdesivir, and Paxlovid – including their side effects, what led to their expedited approval and purchase by the federal government, and how we stop this from happening in the future.

It’s the other novel therapy that was supposed to pick up the slack for when the gene therapy shots failed. Our government purchased, without question, billions of dollars’ worth of Pfizer’s new drug, Paxlovid, without any independent studies vouching for its safety, even though its ritonavir component is an AIDS drug contraindicated with 32 common drug categories taken by seniors, such as statins and steroids. Officials also approved it while dissing ivermectin, which uses Paxlovid’s mechanism as a protease inhibitor … plus another 19 mechanisms of action.

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