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Horowitz: How to break Pfizer’s pfascist grip on our country and our bodies

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We are no longer a democratic republic. Legislative bodies are missing in action. Nameless and faceless bureaucrats at the behest of Pfizer and similar companies now control our life, liberty, and property. The Pfizerocracy poses the greatest threat to our health, well-being, and liberty of any domestic threat in our history that came directly from government. With the federal government completely bought out by Pfizer and company, it's time for states to fill the vacuum.

There is quite literally nothing Pfizer can demand that our government will not indulge and, even worse, it will use the boot of government to endorse, promote, cajole, and now coerce the use of that product. Earlier this week, Pfizer put in its demand for "booster" authorization for all adults, a clear admission that its shots have failed, yet the approval is an outcome that will never be contested for a minute. And with that approval will come … you guessed it … a mandate for everyone with two Pfizer shots to get a third lest they be considered "unvaccinated," just like in Israel, which has become Pfizer's private playground.

What's next? Can Pfizer take away our right to free speech? Speaking with a Washington D.C.-based think tank on Tuesday, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that those who spread "misinformation" about his product are "criminals" and "have literally cost millions of lives."

That's rich coming from the man who heads the company that had to pay out the largest criminal fine for health care fraud in history. Then again, the name of the game with the "Great Reset" and COVID fascism has been projection and blood libels whereby everything the other side does, they project upon their opponents.

One might laugh off comments from a man simply trying to protect billions in profit he made off this product, which is quite natural for any CEO engaging in a war of words against his opponents. But this is different. This is a man with the ability not only to get the government to endorse his product, but to get the government to inject it in your bodies and remove all existing safety protocols and guard rails. Later in the interview, Borula offered this bizarre and disquieting observation: "The only thing that stands between the new way of life and the current way of life is, frankly, hesitancy to vaccinations."

What exactly does "new way of life" mean? Again, we can dismiss his comments as being in line with a greedy CEO who thinks he runs the world. But the past 19 months demonstrate that he actually does run the world, so we need to pay attention when he suggests that anyone opposing his product is a criminal and is standing between humanity and a "new way of life."

Remember, not only can Pfizer get approved and mandated any unsafe vaccine it markets, the company is exempt from all liability. Just how deep does this exemption run? On February 4, 2020, the HHS secretary invoked the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) to shield all manufactures of any diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines for COVID-19 from any degree of liability. What this means, according to the Congressional Research Service, is that not only are they immune to claims of negligence but even to claims of willful misconduct. There are numerous insurmountable hoops one has to jump through in order to sue for willful misconduct, and it can only occur if the DOJ or HHS, which are promoting the vaccine, first commits a legal action against them. So, asking the government to go after Pfizer is like asking the government to go after itself.

Consequently, even if, for example, the accusations of the whistleblower that Pfizer fabricated some of the trial data turned out to be true, we would have zero recourse against Pfizer. Thus, there is no market or legal force to ever make this vaccine safer and more effective, because the government has allowed Pfizer to play both provider and regulator all in one. This is a worse form of fascism than even traditional government totalitarianism.

It's time for conservatives to stand up to Pfizer's pfascism and demolish the channel between our government and this criminal enterprise. If the federal government is going to turn the keys of our republic over to Pfizer, then GOP-controlled states have an obligation to protect the American people by filling the regulatory and oversight void. Unfortunately, Pfizer donates millions a year to candidates, historically even more to Republicans. Pfizer donated more money last cycle than any other pharma company. Its total PAC and corporate donations at the federal and state levels totaled just shy of $9 million. In addition to donating over $1.5 million to congressional candidates, Pfizer also wrote checks to 1,048 individual candidates in state legislative races. That might explain why so many GOP-controlled states have been reluctant to push back against an assault on liberty that is worse than anything we've seen from traditional sources of government mandates in our lifetime.

This is Pfi$er PAC's end-of-year message for 2020:

It has been a year like no other, and we are proud of the all the hard work and long hours our colleagues dedicated and continue to dedicate to develop and deliver the first COVID-19 vaccine. As if COVID wasn't enough, 2020 was also a big election year and Pfizer and the Pfizer PAC continued to support candidates of both political parties who support policies that impact our purpose: Breakthroughs that change patients' lives. We do not contribute to Presidential candidates or super PACs. In the 2020 cycle, Pfizer PAC and Pfizer Inc. supported 1,842 candidates and multiple political committees at all levels of the government. Forty-nine percent of the Pfizer PAC disbursements in the 2019-2020 cycle went to Republicans and 46% went to Democrats. We continue to advance our purpose to discover and deliver breakthroughs that change patients' lives, thanks to our PAC members and our Pfizer U.S. Government Relations team, who are on the ground educating and engaging elected officials about Pfizer's purpose.

Yes, it certainly was a "year like no other," where Pfizer worked our government like no other entity in an effort to "change patients' lives."

There is nothing more toxic than the contraindication between big pharma and big government. You can have each one separately, but having them together is like taking the Pfizer shot when you have blood clotting issues. If Republicans have truly reformed themselves and are ready to govern properly, they would pledge to the American people the following:

  • Every candidate and incumbent would swear off all funding from Pfizer, return any cashed checks, and pledge not to meet with any lobbyists working for the criminal enterprise.
  • All candidates would pledge to support legislation requiring two important conditions on any medical product authorized by government when those same agencies are simultaneously endorsing, funding, or actively promoting the product. 1) There must be a direct cause of action for consumers to sue for liability (with no caps) paid for by the government. 2) Authorization must be approved by a third-party entity that is devoid of any ties to either the manufacturer or the government agency. That is the only way to restore the Nuremberg principle of informed consent.
  • States must establish their own vaccine injury adverse reporting systems.
  • States must place liability on anyone mandating an FDA-approved medical device, even when the feds exempt the manufacturer itself from liability for injury
  • GOP federal candidates must agree to pass a bill to remove at least the full immunity from vaccine producers
Republicans won back Congress last decade on the promise to repeal Obamacare "root and branch," a promise they broke. We must find a way to ensure that the child of Obamacare – corporate-government health care fascism – is torn out from our body politic, root and branch. That begins by attacking the source of the problem.
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