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Horowitz: Minnesota trucker beaten by Black Lives Matter mob on I-35 charged with crimes, but not his attackers


What we have in this country is the breakdown of equal protection under the law

Tim Evans/NurPhoto/Getty Images

Try to imagine if a group of white supremacists decided to riot in middle of one of a state's busiest interstate highways without any warning or time for police to block off traffic. Then an unsuspecting motorist gets caught up in the illegal roadblock, tries to swerve to miss rioters, and ultimately grinds the truck to a halt. Next, the rioters drag him out of the truck and beat him. By this point, you are probably trying to envision how many of the protesters would be charged with attempted murder, among other crimes. But because this was a Black Lives Matter protest, Hennepin County, Minnesota, is now charging the driver with felonies and misdemeanors, not those who committed this dangerous and dastardly crime.

Since the BLM rioting began, we have seen horrific videos of motorists, often truckers, being harassed by illegal blockades, often presented with agonizing choices between trying to calmly leave the situation, stopping the car, or stepping on the gas pedal. The first such incident occurred when video circulated on the internet on May 31 showing Bogdan Vechirko's truck getting mobbed by protesters at a bridge on I-35 west, the major interstate out of Minneapolis.

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