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Horowitz: St. Louis couple defending home from mob charged with weapons violations, while violent gun felons are released everywhere

Horowitz: St. Louis couple defending home from mob charged with weapons violations, while violent gun felons are released everywhere

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner has let violent rioters go, has dropped charged against gun felons, and sued the city’s police department. Now she is charging Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their lives and property from a mob that broke into a gated community in large numbers. Welcome to Sodom and Gomorrah … unless we the people fight back.

This would never have happened had the rioters been protesting the “wrong” cause, but Gardner charged the McCloskeys yesterday for felony misuse of a weapon during the June 28 incident when they were seen pointing their firearms at belligerent protesters who broke into their neighborhood. There’s still no word on any of those individuals being charged with vandalizing and burglarizing private property after they broke through the gate of a private neighborhood.

Both Governor Mike Parson and state Attorney General Eric Schmitt said they believe the couple had the right to self-defense and plan to help shield them from any punishment. But what would a couple do in a state where the governor and attorney general are on board with this form of discrimination, where the cause of one side is elevated to the point that they can threaten, loot, maim, and burn with impunity, while people have no right to self-defense?

As I predicted, this has nothing to do with concerns about police brutality. Everybody, police or not, will also be made to care about the systemic discrimination now permeating our culture and even legal system – where if you are white and forced to defend yourself from violence being perpetrated under the umbrella of “Black Lives Matter,” you will be railroaded by the same justice system that has tolerated more violence and destruction from a particular movement for a longer period of time than ever before.

It’s truly shocking how Republicans in the Senate refuse to make a strong anti-crime push and pro-self-defense agenda headed into the annual budget bill and the national election. It’s also shocking that the Department of Justice has not more aggressively targeted these Soros prosecutors in big cities for civil rights violations against innocent white victims of racially motivated prosecutions.

What is even more shocking is that Republicans have failed to hold Democrats accountable for their mendacious agenda on gun control – stripping innocent people of the right to defend themselves while releasing gun felons from prison. As I noted last week, almost all of the atrocious shootings we see in America’s major cities are committed by repeat violent offenders who were often arrested on weapons violations or for felony possession of a gun, yet were released from jail and never served time in prison.

With the injustice against the McCloskeys fresh in your mind, let me present you with the case of Teantun Davis, a Chicago man released on probation for a gun violation who is now accused of shooting a 5-month-old in the eye. One of the latest victims of Chicago’s anarchy is a 5-month-old baby who suffered a grazing shot to the eye along with two adults during a drive-by shooting last Thursday evening. Thankfully, the child is in good condition, but this shooting should never have happened in a city that is supposedly concerned about guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

Police arrested 21-year-old Teantun Davis and charged him with two felony counts of aggravated battery by discharge of a firearm after they say he got out of a car and fired 14 rounds, which struck the two adults and the baby. According to prosecutors, Davis was arrested on June 26, 2019, for, you guessed it, illegally possessing a firearm. Yet he never served time in prison and instead was on probation.

This is the story every single time. So much murder and mayhem in this country could be avoided if we actually locked up the gun felons rather than those who defend themselves with guns. Nearly three times as many children have been shot this year in Chicago as last year. A number of cities have more murders than any time since the generation-long reduction in violence began in the 1990s.

St. Louis already has 133 homicides, the most this early in a year since 1994. That’s what happens when the prosecutor is a Soros puppet who treats victims like criminals and gun felons like victims. KMOV reported in February that the conviction rate in St. Louis dropped 20% under Gardner’s tenure the past two years.

Rather than promoting efforts to encourage local law enforcement to be more like social workers, why won’t Republicans run on a new crime bill to incentivize local prosecutors to target gun felons who actually harm people with weapons? Instead they are too busy hitting Joe Biden for being too tough on crime in the 1990s! Where does that leave the defenseless citizen?

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