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Horowitz: The top committee chairs in a McCarthy House are the worst of globalists

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Most of the top incoming House committee chairmen reflect the values of Democrat voters more than Republican voters. That is the legacy of Kevin McCarthy-era leadership. It’s time for that to change, and it’s time to end the “next in line” country club politics of the GOP.

Mouthpieces for the failed GOP leadership are complaining that the fight for speaker is delaying potentially for a few days the amazing committee work they have planned. But with committee chairs like the ones lined up at present, it sure is worth spending a few days doing surgery on the gangrene globalists within the party rather than spending the next two years with chairmen who hate their base more than Biden does. It’s worth the time to ensure that we don’t wind up with the same chairmen we dealt with during the last GOP majority, when McCarthy was floor leader.

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