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Horowitz: One of the most powerful Republicans supports expanding funding for FBI J6 witch hunt

Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call/Getty Images

Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) is a top appropriator and is likely going to be the Rules Committee chairman of the next Congress. In other words, he will control the flow to the floor for every bill and has a big say in in the entire budget process. He is also a man who believes we are not spending enough money on Fourth Reich agenda items, including the persecution of Trump supporters on January 6 – and beyond.

No Republican can feign ignorance about the truth of January 6 nearly two years later. It’s not that not a single authentic Trump supporter did anything wrong on that day. But it is abundantly clear that elements of the government had forewarning, there was robust FBI involvement in provoking it, people are being persecuted for peacefully protesting or merely being in the Capitol peacefully, and even the few who engaged in some degree of crime are being punished so disproportionately that if the standard were applied to BLM, there would be 1 million people in jail pretrial indefinitely.

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