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Bill Maher accidentally DESTROYS his own pro-choice argument with just two words

Dave Rubin
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BlazeTV host Dave Rubin joined Bill Maher on his podcast “Club Random" to talk about why Dave left the left, why Bill considers himself to be an "old school liberal," the time Dave and his husband first met former President Donald Trump, when things turned insane in America, the three questions you could ask to "really get to know someone," how to have a respectful debate about abortion, and much more.

In this clip, Bill and Dave started out talking about vaccine mandates, with Dave pointing out that the same people who proclaim "my body, my choice" when it comes to abortion will argue against bodily autonomy when it comes to vaccines.

"That's an unfair analogy, because we're talking about a different life that's not my life, okay?" Bill said, seemingly unaware that he just admitted that the unborn child is in fact "a life."

"I am pro-choice, but I've always said I totally understand their side. And I don't like it when people say, 'Oh, they just hate women.' They don't hate women. They think it's murder. And I don't agree with that, but I totally respect it, and I get it," he continued.

"It is not a life," Bill added, contradicting his previous statement. "But it's undeniably becoming a life. It is a gray area. I get it."

Watch the video clip below or find the full episode of "Club Random" with Dave Rubin here.

Bill Maher's Understanding of Pro Life People #Shortsyoutu.be

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