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Eric Bolling shreds NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio after more anti-police riots ensue

Eric Bolling
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On Thursday's episode of "America with Eric Bolling," host Eric Bolling opened the show with a powerful monologue that covered the disintegration of law enforcement in New York City.

Well, it finally arrived. Both teams prepped, practiced, and pondered the question at hand: How to question Robert Mueller, the man on the hot seat. Mueller Day had finally arrived, and all partisan eyes were fixed on the testimony of the special counsel.

But while we all stared at the TV, fixed on Capitol Hill; hanging on every Mueller word darkness fell in broad daylight on the most heavily populated city in the country. The Big Apple was rotting to the core, and it was all caught on tape.

Watch as these young police officers in New York City get doused with buckets of water as they patrol the very streets they are on. Crowds of gutless slugs laughing at the officers as they were doing their jobs.

Days later, another New York City police officer was doused with a bucket of water, hit with the bucket, and ridiculed while he did his job.

Bolling asserted that officers were being targeted with hate and assault because of Mayor Bill de Blasio and his liberal politics.

"By all means, let's get this de Blasio clown off of the 2020 presidential debate stage," Bolling said.

Watch the video below for more.

Watch the full episode here.

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