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Dan Crenshaw: 'Moderate Dems won't deny or defend Traditional American values'

Graham Allen
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Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw joined "Dear America" with Graham Allen, Monday, and assessed the degree of radicalization within the Democratic party has become and where the core problem lays within Congress.

"In your experience, and you don't have to name names, but do other Congressmen and Congresswomen believe the ridiculous things that come out," Graham asked? "Or is it just part of 'the game'?"

"That is always the question," Crenshaw replied. " Would they pass a lie detector test?"

Crenshaw went on to say that moderate Democrats did not completely buy-in to the postmodern progressive narrative but that they certainly will not defend against it.

According to Crenshaw, many moderate Democrats live life by a more traditional set of values but refuse to defend those traditional values in a public forum.

Crenshaw attributed much of Washington D.C.'s dysfunction to a lack of strongly held principles, adding that it is unrealistic to believe that 435 members of Congress could ever agree on a complex issue.

Watch the video below for details.

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