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Admit to being a conservative in Hollywood? 'You lose half your audience


Being a conservative in Hollywood is about as tough as getting the lead in a blockbuster film on your first audition. Chuck Woolery, the famous host of many favorite ‘80s game shows, knows first-hand. He is now host of the Blunt Force Truth radio show with entrepreneur Mark Young.

They both joined Chris Salcedo on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show” to dish on the difficulties of advocating small government and the Constitution in the entertainment industry, and offered commentary on various issues. Woolery said that entertainers lose half their audience once they uncloak themselves.

“Everybody wants to be liked,” he admitted, especially in an industry where being liked means being employed. Politics and religion are the two things your mother tells you not to talk about, he said. That goes doubly for conservatives in Los Angeles.

He also said there are a few Hollywood Republicans, but not many of them are conservatives. They are profoundly outnumbered by the kind of celebrities that helped raise $40 million to try to elect Jon Ossoff as congressman for Georgia’s 6th district.

Young felt the Democrats keep losing these special elections because they have become nasty and most people don’t like it. Woolery also pointed to backwards efforts like separate dorms and graduations for different minority groups on college campuses these days.

He said, “We finished with segregation. Now it’s back again, and the left is leading the charge.”

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