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Amazon expanding its delivery options to include brick-and-mortar and drones


Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere discuss how Amazon is opening up a brick-and-mortar bookstore in Manhattan. Pat points out how unusual this is for an online retailer that was founded and scaled online to want to return to their retail roots in a physical store.

"That seems a really weird decision to make because it looks like a giant Barnes & Noble — they're all going out of business and now Amazon's getting back into that business. Strange," Pat states.

Jeff Fisher mentions how Amazon recently opened up a store to sell goods other than books. He decides the goods are okay because you can still order from the website or have other things sent to your house. Stu tells them about Amazon Locker which is a self-service delivery location much like a P.O. box where customers can pick up and return Amazon.com packages.

Pat brings up something else Amazon has concocted — the Amazon Blimp. They've recently filed the patent for this new delivery system which will theoretically allow drones launched from a giant blimp to get your purchases to you in half an hour.

"An Amazon blimp that is stocked — jam-packed full of stuff so then you call and you say, 'Hey I'd like an iPad.' And they take the iPad and it winds up on a drone, and then they send the drone from the blimp to your house," Pat conveys. "So you've got blimps hovering, waiting for your order."

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