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Analyst explains how the Saudis took Trump's remarks

Chris Salcedo

Today on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris Salcedo welcomed Herb London, president of the London Center for Policy and Research, to discuss President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

London stated that the trip is a historic moment, "undoing the damage of the last eight years" in reference to former President Barack Obama's foreign policy, which could be deemed as pro-Iran. He also felt Israel will play an unannounced role.

On the accusation from some in the media that this trip is merely a distraction from the domestic difficulties Trump is facing, he said "I assure you that this trip has been planned a long time."

He also pointed to the visible excitement on the faces of the Saudi leadership because Trump's speech was a "counterweight to whatever ambitions the Iranians have." The Sunni world now knows the United States will not tolerate Iran threatening them.

London declared the visit an "essential step toward stabilizing events in the Middle East."

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