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Are we better than brawling on airplanes?

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On Tuesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck defended the American people in an age where people can’t seem to fly on an airplane in peace.

An American traveler has reportedly been arrested after getting drunk and fighting with another passenger on board a Japanese airplane. The pair can be seen brawling in video footage from the flight, which was scheduled to leave for Los Angeles Monday evening.

“It’s never-ending. … We’re better than this,” Glenn lamented.

Airplane flights have made for unfortunate headlines in recent months, including the disastrous United Airlines trip where a customer was dragged from the plane by police. In another example of disruption, a passenger reportedly screamed at Ivanka Trump on a JetBlue flight last December until he was escorted from the plane.

“We are absolutely not better than this,” Stu Burguiere returned. “You keep saying things like that. I don’t know what evidence you have to support it.”

To confirm Stu’s point that America is in a state of disaster, Pat Gray pointed to a particularly grim day in U.S. history: “Nov. 8, 2016.”

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