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Artist Joy Villa talks new 'Make America Great Again' single


Singer Joy Villa, who made waves at the last Grammy’s for her Trump-themed dress, has a new patriotic single called “Make America Great Again.”

Villa is working on new music and a tour; “Make America Great Again” is the lead single for her upcoming album. She explained why her new song has a conservative message on Friday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson.”

Doc Thompson asked her what she thought of the latest big-government news: Chicago is implementing policies to require high school seniors to have an approved career plan before they can graduate.

Villa pointed out that as a singer, she is her own business. How do entrepreneurs, artists and other people in business for themselves fit into the government’s narrow list of career options? Students need the flexibility to explore different options after they graduate high school.

“That’s part of growing, that’s part of living,” Villa said, noting that people tend to have multiple careers during the course of their lifetime.

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