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As Amazon gobbles up more and more of its competition, will the government step in?

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Adam Mesh of the Adam Mesh Trading Group joined Thursday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson” to talk about Amazon’s growing influence as a company as well as the future of Bitcoin.

Companies that can’t compete will get eaten up by another company in today’s economy; for example, Amazon has absorbed former competitors Zappos and Diapers.com during its rise. The online marketplace has expanded far beyond selling CDs and books and has grown into a company that touches nearly every industry, from clothes to drug store products to the resell market to original content that streams on Amazon Prime.

“You are seeing a monopolization of everything,” Mesh said.

Mesh and Doc Thompson discussed founder and “proven leader” Jeff Bezos, who has built Amazon into a company that could be worth $1 trillion. “You hear his name, you think success,” Mesh said of Bezos.

As Amazon challenges everyone from Etsy to eBay to Netflix, the next question is whether or not the government will eventually step in to break up the monopoly, Mesh asserted.

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