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Bill Nye used to know the science of gender

Glenn Beck
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Back in 1996, the popular PBS program “Bill Nye the Science Guy” taught kids that there are only two genders, determined by whether you have “XX” or “XY” chromosomes.

TV personality Bill Nye has since seen the politically correct light, and his new show on Netflix, “Bill Nye Saves the World,” teaches that “sexuality is a spectrum.”

On Friday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck played the rediscovered “Bill Nye the Science Guy” clip from the '90s where a young woman explains the science behind how gender is determined: A mother always passes on an “X” chromosome, while a father contributes an “X” or a “Y,” making a person either a girl or a boy.

“It all comes down to the science of your genes: the chromosome,” Glenn agreed.

“You’re not pangender, you’re not ze-gender, you’re not cisgender, you’re either a boy or a girl,” Pat Gray said. “Are there 700 [genders] now?”

“What’s very interesting here is how we made it through the Dark Ages of [1996],” Glenn quipped. “Twenty-one years ago, we were sitting here thinking there are only two possibilities.”

Stu Burguiere had an explanation: “The problem was basically, they thought there was only ‘X’ and ‘Y.’ And we now of course know there are 26 letters in the alphabet.”

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