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Black activist says the left wants black people to 'feel weak' about statues and police

Chris Salcedo
Image credit/ Youtube The Black Sphere

Black Lives Matter’s King Noble has called for the death of police officers and white people, and another leader, Chantelle Helm, has made a list of ten demands for white people to start making things right with black Americans, including turning over property.

The Blacksphere’s Kevin Jackson, a self-described “authenticated black” offered a Certificate of Forgiveness to white people on today’s “Chris Salcedo Show.” It absolves them and their immediate family from white guilt forever more for the low cost of $9.99.

He told Chris Salcedo that recent events might lead him to seek “some kind of ruling from the NAACP” on his own last name -- as people claim to be triggered by statues of Stonewall Jackson -- and ESPN moved Asian commentator Robert Lee to a different game so his name wouldn’t upset viewers.

The author said he wants to put a Confederate statue in his yard as a “testament to the Confederacy getting its butt kicked.” He also reported that General Robert E. Lee gave away his slaves after the war and became an abolitionist.

On a serious note, Jackson criticized Black Lives Matter because they “act like blacks are Amish,” with police coming and randomly targeting them. He said, “We live in crime infested neighborhoods of our own creation” and self-segregate.

He believes many black people in America have become “ethnocentric racists,” where everything is seen through the prism of blackness. The blame for this, he said, rests squarely on the Democrat party. “They want us to feel weak over these things,” he told Chris.

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