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Chris Salcedo: Can we now legitimately call CNN the 'B.S.' network?

Chris Salcedo
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Monday afternoon on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris talked about Fahreed Zakaria's appearance Friday night on CNN Tonight, in which Zakaria reiterated his view that President Donald Trump is a  "bulls**t artist" who is "somewhat indifferent to things that are true or false."

Salcedo described Zakaria's casual use of profanity as one of many reasons not to watch CNN.

"We beeped it out. We have higher standards here on TheBlaze than CNN," Chris said. "B.S. — they didn't beep it out on CNN. So that was live television."

Chris urged listeners not to watch CNN with children in the room and concluded, "We can legitimately now call CNN the B.S. network."

Chris then questioned whether CNN is actively working to undermine their own credibility, especially in light of former Democratic National Committee chair and CNN contributor Donna Brazile's admission over the weekend that she improperly shared debate questions with Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, an accusation she had previous denied.

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