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Cognitive dissonance: do you trust the government on some things but not others?

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TheBlaze Radio host Kate Dalley shared some of the lies she believes we have been telling ourselves for far too long on "The Kate Show," and admitted she has believed many of them.

The first lie Dalley covered was our trust in the public education system. She points out that many people who have a strongly distrust of the government will, at the same time, implicitly trust the government-run schools.

From there she went on to cover people who, again, tend to disbelieve the government in general with the exception of information they produce on vaccines. The third lie Kate pointed out is one that may hit close to home for many voters, who tend to re-elect their member of Congress at a rate of over 90 percent:

"All of the other politicians out there -- they're telling people what they want to hear; all of those other ones. I've shook the hand of my elected official," Kate stated, pointing out the general belief that all politicians lie -- except for "mine."

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