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Could White House leaks hint at impeachment?

Glenn Beck
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Dozens of reports about President Donald Trump’s motivation to fire FBI director James Comey are leaking from the administration. On Tuesday, Trump abruptly fired Comey in a move so sudden that the former FBI director was actually giving an address to FBI employees when he found out about it. The president was swiftly accused of interfering with an ongoing investigation into Russia’s influence on the 2016 election.

On Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck asked a big question: “Have we ever seen a White House leak like this?”

Glenn thought that Trump had something of a vendetta against Comey, as some of the leaks out of the White House have been claiming. CNN’s Jake Tapper reported Thursday that Comey was fired because he didn’t assure Trump of his personal loyalty.

“I think Trump was personally motivated against this guy,” Glenn said.

Glenn and Stu Burguiere discussed the odds that hearings will happen this year that could be the precursor to impeachment.

“If I said … we are in Watergate-style hearings in August or September, would that surprise you at all?” Glenn asked.

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