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Dana Loesch counters argument true conservatives must support women's right to seek abortions

Glenn Beck
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Monday morning on "The Glenn Beck Radio Program," Dana Loesch called in to discuss the topic of abortion with Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher. Glenn began by joking that some women might want the right to abort children in their "terrible twos," to which Dana responded, "Do other women have the right to abort women who whine too much?"

Glenn then asked Dana for her thoughts on abortion and the right to life provided in the Constitution. Dana replied, "The position that I've always held as a limited-government conservative is that it's completely not hypocritical (to support limited government and oppose abortion) because you cannot, you simply cannot enjoy the right to liberty and the pursuit of happiness without first having the right to life."

"We're trying to go scientifically. In the scientific age, we're trying to deny it's a child by denying people the right to an ultrasound. It's really crazy to see how anti-science we have become," Glenn said.

Glenn pointed out that Americans simply have to decide whether or not a fetus is a human being with full legal protections. If this is indeed the case, Glenn argued, then no one can be granted the right to take the child's life.

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