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District takes action after teacher says students' MAGA shirts represent 'neo-Nazis

Doc Thompson

A school district has apologized to two students after a teacher told them that their “Make America Great Again” T-shirts were not allowed in class.

A math teacher, whose name has not been released by administrators, reportedly told two students at River Ridge High School in Georgia that they couldn’t wear their “Make America Great Again” T-shirts to class, but the shirts did not violate school dress code, a spokeswoman told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The teacher told students that the slogan now represents “neo-Nazis.”

The school principal has since apologized to the students and their families, while all principals in the district have been directed to meet with teachers and staff to remind them not to force their political opinions on students.

On Tuesday’s “The Morning Blaze with Doc Thompson,” Doc Thompson wondered when teachers decided to become social justice warriors who want to tell students how to think instead of encouraging discussion.

“If you’re really a teacher, put your bias aside and challenge every student,” Doc said.

Allie Stuckey pointed out that while millennials get a “bad rap” for getting upset about other people’s opinions, it’s not just the younger generation who complains about being “triggered.”

“It is not only millennials; we see this in universities all the time,” she said.

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