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Doctor offers advice to allergy sufferers

Mike Opelka
(BrianAJackson/Getty Images)

Allergy season looms large for many sufferers across the nation. California in particular is experiencing a "super bloom" due to unusually large amounts of rainfall earlier in the year.

On "Pure Opelka" today, Mike Opelka welcomed his friend Dr. Jorge Rodriguez, author of 'The Diabetes Solution," to learn how to combat the dreaded congestion, sneezing, and coughing allergy season brings.

Preferring to stay away from medications, Miked asked Dr. Rodriguez if he could recommend any homeopathic remedies to mitigate the irritating symptoms.

"Take medications," replied the doctor succinctly.

Mike went on to ask Dr. Rodriguez how he felt about former President George W. Bush's plea to the Trump administration requesting that they not cut funding to fight AIDS globally. Dr. Rodriguez pointed out that "when it comes to health, we are not alone in the world."

He felt helping 25 million Africans is a good investment, because an illness affecting that many people will reach the United States.

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