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Drain the swamp and the celebrities that come with it


On this episode of "Pat & Stu", guest hosts Andrew Herzog, Brad Staggs and J.P. Devor, talk about how celebrities strike again with yet another repetitious video to thwart the election and Trump's chance of becoming president. However this time, the celebrities aren't talking to us, 'oh no', they're talking to the Republican electors.

While playing the clip they remarked how many of the actors they forgot were still around, and their disdain for their presence in the clip. The various celebrities are telling the 36 Republican electors to, "Vote their conscience on December 19th," while at the same time telling the electors they're, "Not asking you to vote for Hillary Clinton."

"It's okay now to vote your conscience and let's do everything we can and every single trick in the book to keep Donald Trump from getting elected," Andrew says. "I didn't want him, I didn't vote for him, but let's move on. He hasn't done anything yet. I'm willing to say, 'Okay I think you suck but I'll give you a shot.'"

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