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Egypt angered over US cuts to foreign aid

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Here are the top stories from ZION news:

- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just met in Russia with President Vladimir Putin to address the growing threat of Iran in Syria.

- Former Senior Air Force Commander Col. (Res.) Kobi Regev spoke at the ILTV studio about Hezbollah's recent activities.

- The Shin Bet has just revealed that twenty Arab Israelis have left Israel and defected to ISIS. At least two of them were Jewish who converted to Islam before joining up with ISIS.

- Inspectors recently discovered a massive arsenal of weapons being smuggled into the West Bank in a garbage truck. The truck was loaded with machine gun parts.

- The Haredi parties in the Israeli Knesset are coming together and forming one massive joint Haredi party.

- The Swiss Foreign Ministry is freezing its donation money to a Palestinian NGO, one believed to be funneling money to fund terror against Israel.

- The United States announced that it was cutting almost three hundred million dollars of its financial aid to Egypt just before President Trump's son-in-law and Middle East envoy, Jared Kushner, arrived for meetings.

- The new Iranian Communications Minister has just announced that talks are underway with Twitter to bring the social media platform back to Iran.

- Writer and director Arik Rotstein and film critic Ron Fogel spoke at the ILTV studio about the Israeli award-winning film "Antenna" that is now in theaters.

- Two major discoveries have been unearthed: the remains of a three-thousand year old site used for pagan rituals, and an ancient mosaic floor just outside the Damascus gate in Jerusalem.

- An Israeli team of researchers from Israel’s Technion Institute of Technology is conducting a research to determine whether or not cannabis can kill cancer cells.

- Learn a new Hebrew word every day. Today’s word is "bimaye," written בימאי, which means "director."

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