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Energy leader discusses the future of energy and the impact of labor unions

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Sunday on "The Jacki Daily Show," Jacki welcomed Ryan Ray, director of operations at R-Squared Global and host of the Global Energy Leaders podcast. Ray has 12 years of experience in the energy industry and started a podcast at the end of 2016 to deliver energy news and discuss energy issues. He invites professors, authors, journalists, and energy experts from the around the world to engage in panel discussions.

Jacki asked Ray to disclose his company's good or bad experiences with eminent domain in Texas, which Ray described as "complicated." Eminent domain applies to energy companies when they want to acquire privately owned property to extract the resources located there.

He explained that people just want to be heard, and so listening to their concerns and giving them information gets them on board sooner, especially when it comes to fracking. In Jacki's experience the people of South Texas have been around oil and gas for so long, they know how to handle such situations. Some land owners welcome fracking because they know they could make a lot of money.

They also discussed how different states handle labor unions and how their presence affects willingness to work and innovation. In Jacki's native Ohio, which has been union-entrenched for generations, there is a sense that people are owed jobs either through family tradition or the government. She has noticed a nationwide "ambition drain to Texas," where people are less reliant on unions to find them work.

Jacki said history is full of "human migrations toward opportunity."

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