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Ever wonder about the color of your beer? The answer has to do with fish bladders

Pat and Stu
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Food, gum and various products have some strange ingredients if you go beyond the initial label. Jeffy Fisher had the details on some popular products on Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu.”

Tattoo ink includes shellac from beetles; vegans can opt for a special ink, but it will include plastic.

Chewing gum has lanolin, which is a waxy secretion from sheepskin. Companies aren't required to disclose it on the label though, because it’s technically included in the “gum base” ingredient.

Ever wonder why some beer looks more clear than other kinds? Some types of beer are made using isinglass, which is fish bladders. If you want to go the vegan route, vegan beer will be darker.

Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray were surprised that anyone would come up with such strange ingredients to use in food and alcohol, with Stu comparing it to the puzzle of how Jeffy was ever allowed on the  set of “Pat & Stu.”

“People are like, ‘How did Jeffy get on that show?’” he joked.

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