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Everything's so much clearer. It's just that much more vivid' on 4K TV

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is joined by Stu Burguiere, Pat Gray and Jeff Fisher to talk about the special technology-related Christmas present Pat received from his wife. "She gave him a big, 4K (resolution) TV, and so you're just watching anything that's in 4K," Glenn says.

Pat tells us that he's been trying out his fancy new television on any 4K content he can find. His first trial run with the new TV was watching the Golden Globes; he lasted about ten minutes before tiring of the program. Glenn then asks Pat if 4K makes an appreciable difference over high-definition TVs.

"Yeah you can see everything. It's like x-ray vision. ... No, I mean everything's so much clearer. It's just that much more vivid," Pat explains. "You know how blurry regular TV, standard television looks now when you have HD (High Definition)? It's the same from HD to 4K."

Pat explains that the improvement in picture quality is dramatic, but unfortunately there aren't that many 4K channels and programs available to fully take advantage of the feature yet.

Glenn indicates he'll wait for the price to drop to around $800 before he invests in the latest technology: "I've done that train before. I'm not being fooled again."

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