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Expert: The Supreme Court decision on the travel ban affirmed the separation of powers

Chris Salcedo
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President Donald Trump's temporary travel ban on six Muslim-majority nations was mostly reinstated by the Supreme Court last Monday in a 9-0 vote in favor of the president's order. They reversed the decisions of several federal judges who deemed it unconstitutional.

Persons who have a "bona fide" connection to family or institution in the United States are still allowed to visit. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch told Chris Salcedo that this loophole will have to be "fought over," and that the president needs to take additional steps to make sure that people from “countries completely out of control” can't get into the United States.

He said the lower court decisions, particularly the Ninth Circuit, made a "mockery of the constitutional separation of powers." He suggested that if members of the judiciary really want to be politicians, this isn't the job for them.

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