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Family of Facebook Live Killer's victim forgive their father's murderer

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Mike Opelka kicked off "Pure Opelka" today with Anderson Cooper's interview of Robert Godwin's family because it is "nothing short of elevating." Godwin was the victim depicted in Steve Stephens' Facebook Live video.

The Godwin family provided a profound and moving example of Christian love to Anderson Cooper when he asked them what they wanted to say to their father's killer. Mike wanted to "stop and share this with everybody we can" because "this is what real love is about."

Daughters Debbie and Tonya shared their father's faith with the popular anchor. They said their father "taught us about God, how to fear God, how to love God and how to forgive." He would want them to forgive Stephens as a "sick individual" and professed empathy for his family, who has also lost a son and a father.

Opelka was awestruck by the Godwin family's "powerful faith." "I honestly don't know if I could get there," he admitted, considering that it is only a mere 48 hours after their father was killed.

Mike was also impressed by Anderson Cooper's response to the family, professing that even though Cooper is a liberal, he is "one of the last good guys in broadcasting and journalism." Cooper reacted with genuine warmth to the family's forgiveness and faith, stating "I wish I was a Godwin right now."

Mike likened this to the social media response to the Charlie Hebo massacre, where people all over the world changed their statuses and avatar photos to "Je suis Charlie.'"Maybe we all should be Godwin family members," he said. "God bless you, Godwin family."

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