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Former atheist admits it was historical evidence that brought him to Christianity

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Today on "The Chris Salcedo Show," Chris welcomed journalist Lee Strobel, author of 'The Case for Christ" and main character of the film of the same name, out in limited release just in time for Holy Week.

Strobel admitted to Chris that he started his marriage as an atheist, and was dismayed when his formerly agnostic wife discovered Christianity through a neighbor. He saw her faith as an "infection" and even considered divorce.

Instead, he used his investigative journalism experience from his years at the Chicago Tribune to "disprove" the resurrection of Jesus. After two years of research, Strobel found that the "data points powerfully and persuasively toward the truth of that event."

Strobel realized at 2 p.m on November 8, 1981 that, in the face of the historical data, it "would take more faith to maintain my atheisism" than to simply accept the historicity of resurrection of Jesus and join his wife in her love of Christ.

The Case for Christ has a Rotten Tomatoes audience score of 84% and is currently the ninth most popular film in the country. It has been added to 500 more theaters, so listeners who were not able to see it opening week should be able to see it soon.

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